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  35. How to post a variable from HTML to perl and from perl to HTML
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  37. chat room
  38. Help Needed in CGI Script Please
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  40. Make a perl script log into a site
  41. comparison to javascript
  42. How to pevent uer from returning to page using back button ?
  43. How to email a HTML url in Perl
  44. How to control the page eject in a HTML report?
  45. Unterminated String constant
  46. Separate arrays and insert in html placeholders
  47. Adding form fields
  48. Help w/ Search Script
  49. How to Create a User Registration Database
  50. Form mailer with textarea countdown
  51. CGI form input doesn't write to text file
  52. Picture Post Help !!
  53. Help with password protection adaptation (also about a great free utility)
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  56. Anyone familiar with formmail.pl
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  62. where is perl error log?
  63. array and string manipulation
  64. selecting a single email address from a drop-down list.
  65. get file content
  66. read and edit a file
  67. Internal Server Error?
  68. 500 server error with VERY simple cgi??!!
  69. Perl dbi with mysql problem
  70. function insertion in the /QWE/ASD/ig -structure
  71. Why is this making copies of it self?
  72. A question about the html&perl
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  75. CSS dropdown menus problems in displaying