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  HTML Form Select Menu

This set of tags allows you to create a pull-down box containing all the options that you want to be in there. The selsect menu can be single select only, or multiple, and you decide what each selection sends you.

Here is an example

Check your listening interests (check only one):
<select name="musictype3">
<option> Rock
<option> Alternative
<option selected> Classical
<option> Anything else

The code above would result in this (but only if with in <form> tags):

Check your listening interests (check only one):

  • select * - tells the browser that a textarea window is starting

  • name * - when the form is submitted, this is the header the information in this field will go under

  • multiple - this means that multiple selections can be made from the box; it no longer is a pull-down menu

  • option* - these are used to specify the options that will be in the box

* = mandatory

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