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  HTML Frameset Tag

The <frameset> can be somewhat complicated, but it still can be understood by the common person.

Here is an example

<frameset cols="100,*" border="5" bordercolor="#FFFFFF">

Here are the attributes ( use either cols or rows, never both in the same tag)

  • frameset * - tells the browser to look for frames

  • cols * - actually splits the page up into columns. values: if a regular number is there, the value is in pixels; if there is a percentage there, it is a percentage of the whole screen there, and if there are asterisks there, then the * is whatever is left over (hint never use all pixel values, not all screens have the same resolution. Always have at least one * when using pixels.).

  • rows * - this one also splits the page up, and can be used instead of cols. See cols for possible values

  • border - this manipulates the width of the separators between the frames; values are in pixels

  • bordercolor - using the good old hexadecimal coloring system, you can manipulate the color of the border between cells

* = mandatory

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