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  HTML Frames Page Code Example

If you have followed each tutorial you now have a basic idea of what goes into making an HTML framed page. Now we need to put it all together so it makes just a little more sense.

Here is an example, follow the left hand column in order for the code and the right hand column for a brief description.

Example source code for HTML frames
<html> Starts the page
<head> Starts header of the page
<title> This is the title that the viewer will see the entire time they are in frames
Advanced HTML ForBeginners Title content
</title> Ends title
</head> Ends header of page
<frameset rows="*,97"> Starts frames, they will be rows, and the bottom one will be 97 pixels tall and the other will be the rest of the screen
<frame src="index2.htm" name="Large"> Fills top large space in screen with "index2.htm", the name of the frame will be"Large"
<frame src="nav.htm" name="Navbar"> Fills lower small space in screen with "nav.htm", the name of the frame will be"Navbar"
<noframes> Starts the page that non frames capable browsers would see, like the <body>
Lots of code What the non frames capable browser would see, use regular HTML tags
</noframes> Ends the noframes page, like the </body>
</frameset> Ends frames
</html> Ends the page

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