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  HTML Image Tags

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Image Tags
<img src=> Inserts an image
<img height=> Sets the height of an image
<img width=> Sets the width of an image
<img border=> Sets the border of an image
<img alt=> Creates label for image
<hr> Creates horizontal rule
<hr size=> Sets height of rule
<hr width=> Sets width of rule, either in percentage or pixel value
<hr noshade> Creates shadow less rule

*These attributes should also be conjoined.


<img src="http://www.ahfb2000.com/images/Image4.gif" height="31" width="190" border="0" alt="Advanced HTML For Beginners">

Would give you this -

Advanced HTML For Beginners

<hr size="2" color="#750000" width="60%" noshade> would give you this -

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