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  Meta Tag Maker

While many search engines are placing more and more emphasis on the keywords used on your actual HTML page, some are still looking at your meta tags. For what amounts to just a few minutes work you can create your meta tags right here and be certain not to leave those search engines out.

Note: There are many more meta tags than we go into here, however if it is not mentioned below then there are no search engines which utilize them.

Meta Keywords
Some robots look at keywords in context, so it is best to preserve word order and case, e.g. pizza, Vancouver, British Columbia rather than british vancouver columbia pizza. Try to use plurals for your keywords, search engines will process both singular and plural form. 

Meta Description
The description is presented to the user along with the document's title as the result of a search. Many robots use the first few lines of text as a description if the Description tag is not present. For documents using frames, it is possible that there is no such text present. Try to include your company name orwebsite name here also. Use keywords in your description. Try to avoid superlatives (such as "best", "biggest","coolest").

This tag is meant to provide users who cannot control the robots.txt file at their sites. It provides a last chance to keep their content out of search services.

Meta Redirect
This tag will let you redirect your visitors to another URL after a specified amount of time. This is useful if your site changes URLs.

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