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  Text Attributes

Text Attributes
<pre></pre> Creates pre-formatted text
<h1></h1> Creates the largest headline
<h6></h6> Creates the smallest headline
<b></b> Creates bold text
<i></i> Creates italic text
<tt></tt> Creates teletype or typewriter text
<cite></cite> Creates a citation, usually italic
<em></em> Emphasizes a word, usually bold or italic
<font face=></font> Sets the font type
<font size=></font> Sets the size of font
<font color=></font> Sets the color of your font

The three font attributes will be conjoined similar to your body attributes.


<font face= "arial " color="#000000" size="2">Your text</font>

Though the font tag still works, it has been depricated. You would be well served heading over to the CSS forum and learning how to format with cascading style sheets.

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