pageBuzz is now offering a reseller program. You can offer one of the most popular CMS online.

While we are not as popular as cpannel, we don't offer the same thing. Our management console lets people build pages, run their shopping cart, run a forum and all the other stuff. people build buttons, choose templates and add pages and features.

It is a simplified CMS for people that don't know anything. If you have any hosting customers you know, they don't know anything but want to do everything.

If they knew how to do it, you would be buying from them. Our product is much more expensive than reseller hosting but it fills a unique need. You make $12 a month on every $20 website. It is privately labled, so you manage your own clients independant of us.

I know nobody here will think that is a good idea, but I have to at least offer the opportunity.

If you are looking to start a new business and would like to offer something unique check out our website and give us a buzz.