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    Please Help Me - CGI Mail Form

    I am building a website for a friend and this website has a form on it. The form is already built but I need help with the CGI portion of this.

    I just need a script that will allow me to do this:
    Email form information via email and then re-direct the user to a "Thank You, your information has been submitted" html page.

    Can someone please help me with this. I have been playing around with this for days and am getting no where.

    I can copy and paste the html I am using for this simple form and/or the CGI that I found online.

    Thank you in advance and ANY light shed on this will be extremely appreciated.


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    Re: Please Help Me - CGI Mail Form


    Do you have a good understanding of using perl modules such as MIME::Lite (my personal favourite mail interface)? Your task is very trivial and would take just 5 minutes. If you post your HTML form then I would be happy to write a perl script to process and email the data etc. Otherwise look into MIME::Lite


    or search for free scripts available across the net.

    You have many options

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