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    Is it possible to make gnuplot-like graphs with Perl and/or CGI?

    I'm enamored by the plots that are created at an ebike-simulator site http://www.ebikes.ca/simulator/ . However, I don't know how they do it! Apparently it's referenced by an external javascript file but I have no idea past that. Anyways, I'm getting the suspicion that perl/cgi could do this and the website hosting service I'm intrigued by (http://www.polurnet.com/shared/compare.php) offers CGI/Perl scripting capabilities. So, is it possible to create graphs like gnuplot/the-link-above using CGI/Perl without having to create a whole graphing/plotting library? My "experience" is limiited to simple java applets, applications(console and GUI) along with console C/C++ programming and it seems like java applets don't have an easy way to implement graphs like that and, more importantly, it seems some users have compatibility issues with java applets for some reason so I'm thinking CGI/Perl would be more "universal" since I could output .GIFs to the end-user instead of java applets.

    I'm putting a particular java applet's development on hold due to this compatibility issue and I want to invest my time in something worth learning. (The program basically calculates how fast you'll go on an e-bike/e-vehicle given wind speed, the motor, wheel size, hill grade, voltage, current limit, etc. There are more features I want to add, like graphs, to the program, but I don't think continuing with applet development would be wise.)

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    Re: Is it possible to make gnuplot-like graphs with Perl and/or CGI?



    Is the common perl module used for plotting graphs (GD can be used for other graphical processes too)


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