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    Affiliate/Reseller Program by WorksForWeb

    WorksForWeb is happy to invite you to participate in our affiliate/reseller program.

    You can benefit from joining our WFW affiliate program in a number of ways. This includes earning a commission from every sale that comes from your websites, or buying the software for your project at a discount.

    Here is how it works:

    1. You need to fill out the Affiliate Request form.
    2. We verify the info you provided and contact you.
    3. We then send you further instructions, affiliate username and links that you place on your websites.
    4. Anyone clicking on the link(s) and ordering the software from us will earn you the percentage according to the affiliate tier you are in.
    5. A successful sale is a sale that passed the money-back guarantee period, if any.
    6. We set a minimum amount for a payout (now $100) and a period for payments based on your affiliate tier.
    7. Reaching a certain number of licenses sold will get you to a higher tier.
    8. Payments for the first tier are 15% off any license (Standard or Special) of any product (iAuto, iRealty or iLister).
    9. Payments for the second tier are 20% off any license (Standard or Special) of any product (iAuto, iRealty or iLister).
    10. You need to sell at least 5 licenses to move to a higher tier (subject to approval).
    11. You can monitor your sales via our online affiliate system.
    12. Payments are made via ACH, BACS, local checks in over 30 currencies, wire transfer in any currency, or Paypal.

    Please, visit our web-site for any questions, inquiries or requests: http://www.worksforweb.com/affiliate/

    We do look forward to your becoming our affiliate and we always strive to make our services excellent for your greatest benefit.

    WorksForWeb delivers the best on-line classifieds solutions prepared to solve the immediate and future needs of its customers. WFW is entrusted to maximize the performance of new technologies and discover ways to improve quality of its services.

    About WFW classifieds softaware :

    iLister is a SEO-optimized platform for creating classifieds websites with multiple categories (cars, realty, scripts, jobs, personals, pets, electronics, clothing, etc) much like Craig’s List (tm), Kijiji (tm) and other similar services. Fully customizable code and look & feel offer endless possibilities to create your own unique website. You are welcome to find more info about iLister classifieds script and multilingual support at: http://www.ilistersoft.com

    iRealty is a powerful multi-language Web-based real estate classified software. Capture a growing for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) real estate market with your iRealty-based website. Create a fully SEO-optimized website from scratch, apply your own design or use one of the three free templates supplied with iRealty. iRealty is also ideal as a real estate agency website that can be translated and easily switched to several languages for a wider outreach. Web site: http://www.irealtysoft.com/

    iAuto is a comprehensive vehicle classifieds platform for car, truck, RV, aircraft, horse or boat classifieds websites. Fully SEO-friendly, with customizable look and excellent search capabilities, iAuto is an awesome tool to create and promote you very own classified website and make money in the process with banners and rich ad media. Multi-language interface and tight integration with 2CO make iAuto the perfect choice for a vehicle classifieds website in any country of the world. Web site: http://www.iautosoftware.com
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