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    My browser doesn't support frames?

    Hello. I just built a web page on my computer using Frontpage 2002. I published it to the web successfully. The site is www.callofthenorth.com It is not totally complete, but here is my question. Why can everyone I know view the frames just fine, but when I go to the page myself on the web, I cannot see the top frame with the navigation bar and so forth. I can only see the text in the bottom frame. I am running Windows XP Pro and using IE 6.0 sp1. Why in the world can I not view this correctly? When I right click on the page where the top frame should be, and select "view source". I get a bunch of HTML info, and a message that says "this page uses frames but your browser doesn't support them". Any ideas how to correct this? Thanks!!!!

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    Hi tbosa, welcome

    You may want to correct your link the . is at the end. I do not know why that would happen to just you, but you should take the noframes section out of the frameset and place it just below </frameset>

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    maybe u can show us a screen shot of how ur page looks when YOU go on it. that would help.

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