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    Horoscope Website

    Hi all
    I am planning to make a horoscope website.
    For this I am planning to get the data from the users to initially only, when they will register, for my website.
    Now I am planning to send all the users monthly updates in accordance with their horoscopes.
    I am also planning to have a weekly updates service. Hence users who want to get update for next week need to log in to the website.

    What I want :
    When user will log in to my website and click the option of "generate weekly horoscope"
    I want to drive two functions from it side by side
    1) Generate the horoscope from his details that are already available with me.
    2) Get his data, Name, userid, IP address, Country, Time and Date in a table whenever he generates the weekly horoscope (so that in future I can analyze the trend and enhance my product furthur.

    Please help me do this as I am amateur and I dont know how it can be done.
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