Again all coding must be placed within
<style> (insert here) </style> tags.

.notes {modifies friends comments}

{position:absolute !important; top:XXXpx; left:XXXpx;}

and then you'll need to make sure it is in the same place on internet explorer, (when using this next section top section of code is for firefox.)
this next section can only be read by internet explorer, but make sure to put it after the original firefox coding.

_top:XXXpx; _left:XXXpx;

--at the bottom is a full example!

===========Breakdown of code========
Red = Notes, not necessary, but helps when you're looking at your coding later on.

Dark Orange= This is what calls upon the comment section and tells the browser to adjust that section.

Magenta= Tells the computer to place the item exactly at that point.

Lime= This is the part where you put how many pixels down from the top you'd like the item.

Blue = This part is where you put how many pixels from the left you'd like the item to be from the left.

======full example====

.notes {modifies friends comments}
.friendsComments {position:absolute !important; top:XXXpx; _top:XXXpx; left:XXXpx; _left:XXXpx;}

this one should make a little more sense,
again the ones with the underscore in front of them are for internet explorer only. generally the pixel number for internet explorer is 9 less than whatever the number is for firefox.
Replace the XXX with the number that works for you.