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    Question Sequential Dates (Day of Week, MM DD, YYYY) in a two column Table

    Here's the situation...

    I have a two column table with multiple rows. Every other cell in the table contains a graphic that is unique to a future date in time. The topmost cell in each column (and then alternating every other cell downward in the table) now contains, increasing sequentially, "Day X" (day number, e.g. "Day 1") where the fixed text runs from 1 to 16.

    What I want to do is add a more specific date in that day cell so I know what day of the week it is along with a "normal" date. For example, I would like each cell that I am using for a "date" to display the Day of week, as well as the "regular date" - this is of course in addition to the "Day #" that I already have in the cell.
    For example, "Day 1, Monday, Feb 2, 2009"

    Any help on how I can do this?

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    Re: Sequential Dates (Day of Week, MM DD, YYYY) in a two column Table

    More information is needed.
    Is this strictly HTML static tables?
    If dynamic, what programming language are you using, and what type of database?
    It would help to post your current code, so someone can understand what you want and be able to help.


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