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    New Project

    Hi, my name is Mike and as of a couple days ago I've been really trying to start my own web business.

    The site is located at freesiteadvertising.com

    I've been a long time web-coder (5 years maybe), and I decided to put my abilities to use.

    Purpose of the website - I got the idea in my head, that if I help other web designers advertise their website, I could generate some hits myself. So when you sign up, all you have to do is view other peoples websites through the "directory" page. When you do this your rank increases; as your rank increases you receive a higher position on the directory listing.

    I'm trying to get some people willing to sign up their websites for an account and view some other sites.

    I want to build as much hype as I can about this website. Currently I have registered these third-party services:

    - Google web master tools; submitted website to search engine & my site map
    - Yahoo "marketing solutions" (paying $1 a day)

    Any other tips or suggestions to increase the popularity of my website?

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    Re: New Project


    I like the idea of what you are doing (just signed up AvenueHiFi.com). It is a nice twist on the link exchange game.

    One question though, why did you choose to put a 20 hour timer? You are inadvertantly penalizing those people that cannot access the system. Consider people that are on vacation, at conferences, etc... Maybe some sort of "away" option to override the 20 hour penalty would be very useful.

    Also, you are blocking people that would like to click a link a second time. You need to let them go to the site without giving them credit for the click. This is a major inhibitor to the success of your site, IMHO.

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