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Thread: JS cookies

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    JS cookies

    Just curious, I been looking at this Javascript site and it gives cookies. First off, does anyone know of a site that will teach me to write JS and cookies?
    Second, maybe I have this wrong but when you write a cookie that shows previous visits and last visit and etc.. how would I check that exactly?
    The one I found has a popup for the visitor, which is ok I guess, but I would rather it not show up for the visiter and just me.
    And maybe I am totally messed up on the cookie idea. So any help would be great.

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    Hi B.

    Cookies are just stored information, you define a name for your information (like 'lastVisit' ) and give it a value (' todays date'). What you do with the cookie is up to the code you use. You can make it print the visitors name (if they entered it before) or log them in to a secure area (not recommended) etc etc.

    Heres a tutorial to JS cookies tutorials -

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