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    Netscape 4.75 Problems

    I've got an issue with a form based survey that I'm coding.

    I use ASP to save answers so if a user goes back and forth it doesn't lose what you previously entered....

    But in Netscape 4.75 for Mac, it does not work at all....

    What stumps me the most is that thsi is server side scripting so it would seem that Netscape is being fussy somehow on the CHECKED attribute.....

    Any ideas folks? Here's a code sample

    <input type="radio" name="olb_srv_q1" value="excellent" <%if session("q1") = "excellent" then response.write "checked"%>> Excellent<br>

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    Hi there.

    It sounds (at a guess, I dont have a mac) like session info is not being transmitted by the browser.

    Try checking the setup of the browser.
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