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    My Art Portfolio For College...

    I know it's not much....nothing really special but I wanna show it off...make sure you check out my art also http://colorconcepts.ukterrorist.com/portfolio/ I've had some feedback on the fact that it's hosted by a website called ukterrorist I've told them (friends, classmates...i haven't released this to schools yet) that it's a gaming site, but what are your opinions on this matter? I was thinking of going for blind forwarding link like http://go.to/davidbaileyonline rather than buying a domain for this small purpose. Thx in advance.

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    Just go and buy davidbaily.com or dbaily.com or davebaily.com or whatever (add middle name) you feel comfortable with [b]that's not already taken[/b] - you can use it for the rest of your life for a whole lot more than just the portfolio -- your descendents can use it after you're gone.

    You need a background color other than white for that site - something in the cyan spectrum.

    Looks good but I prefer the pop-up picture process that appears on the same page (like at my http://trophy.jamrent.com site created just this morning) - albeit a problematic one with varying browsers and browser versions.
    The objective should be to display the various full screen shots in a way that the user doesn't have to resize, minimize or otherwise manipulate anything to see one after another of them.

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