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    Shopping cart for downloadable products

    i was googling arround looking for shopping cart script for digital products. I want to sell products which people will be able to download after payment has been submitted. Automated process. I have found only http://shopcmssoft.com who offers such feature. Is there anyone else? Thanks for help!

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    Cool Re: Shopping cart for downloadable products

    I have installed a store for a customer with the same purpose (distribute a software product) The tricky thing here is to prevent the piracy of the download. I have used comersus cart this time, but not the free version, since the secure digital good distribution comes with the plus pack.

    This version offer several options: send the link by email (not recommended since the link will be posted everywhere), present a link for 5 days with no relationship with the real location of the file (I have used this) and finally an option to create a Zip file with a random name at download time.

    You can get a free version of the cart here http://www.comersus.com/download.html, if that works, the plus pack is here http://comersus.com/power-pack.html

    If you like open source like me, and if you have linux server, try also http://oscommerce.com/
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