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    Thumbs up Transferring hosting accounts between control panels

    I just want to provide what it takes to change hosting company or moving from one to another.
    Here is 10 steps how you can do it.
    Please correct me if I forgot something or I am totally wrong (wing-wong)

    1. Identify a web hosting company that provides the features and services most suitable for you.
    2. Order an appropriate hosting package from the supplier.
    3. Use the Control Panel facilities to manage your email boxes and such like.
    4. Begin the transfer of your domain or change the domain records and change email settings if required (your new web hosting supplier

    should provide guidance and support to make this as simple as possible).
    5. Copy all your files from your previous web hosting service.
    6. Upload the files to your new hosted web space.
    7. Transfer any databases required for your website.
    8. Check that all files have been copied and uploaded successfully.
    9. Test functionality and content related to any databases.
    10. If you have not done so already, cancel your previous hosting service.

    By the way I think that the most biggest problem is to know how to get moving from one to another hosting that’s why people always thinks that

    they will stick to one hosting company and forget all major problems with that company (downtimes, long servers maintenance and etc.)…

    I am trying to analyze cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk and will provide all (as much as I can) information regarding how to transfer your website.
    I would be glad if you would share some information with me on this forum. Really would be awesome…

    Anyway I think it would be great idea to have all information together collected.

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    Re: Transferring hosting accounts between control panels

    Quote Originally Posted by ********* View Post
    Anyway I think it would be great idea to have all information together collected.

    Then why would you copy and paste the same thing to over 30 forums in less than 24 hours?
    AHFBWEB Less customers per server, more power for you!

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    Re: Transferring hosting accounts between control panels

    OK. First, even though it is spam, this post does provide some decent information. There are two major problems with the post however.
    1. The OP is assuming the domain registration and the hosting are one and the same. This is incorrect and therefore invalidates much of what was said.
    2. There are no details or explanations on any step. While I realize each host / registrar is different, the principles remain the same.

    The final issue I have with is post is that it is meant as pure advertising. That is shown by HTML's observations that the post was repeated all over the web in multiple forums in a 24 hour period. Additionally, the user name is the name of a hosting company. As such, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AGAINST signing up with that company. Any company that has to resort to such underhand techniques for advertising as posting bots is not trustworthy in my opinion and should be avoided.

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