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    New and needing advice and information.

    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself and say that I am working on a website, and have many questions and concerns. Short of using my current attorney, or hiring a new one (which we all know is expensive), is there a way for me to some legal questions answered? They are probably simple to you folks who are seasoned webmasters, but I have no clue. Things about liabililty, linking, advertising, and using photographs of people.

    Anyway, my name is Heath, and you can see my work in progress at www.welan.net

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    Hi Heath welcome to the forums

    The only attorney that I am aware that visits these forums is my own, unfortunately he is not an internet lawyer.

    We can all tell you what we would do, or what is so called "common knowledge", please take it for what it is and not actual legal advice.

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    Keep this in mind:

    When seeking to profit from any enterprise, one must reimburse anyone else for their services rendered. Images, reputation, endorsements, and anything else linking to another ongoing entity, including human beings, must be considered as a reimbursable aspect of the enterprise.

    Logos, Trademarks, Icons and animated characters are especially valuable objects needing permission before use - their owners not wanting them to be degraded or diminished in value and therefore highly careful regarding their usage by others outside their own direct control.

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