i'm currently making a new fresh band profile. i already did the graphics for it but now i need some help with the codes. i'd like to add images above blog, myspace url, comments , friends and make new tables with "music" and "special thanks". i already found code that goes for myspace url, but i can't seem to find for the other stuff. can you please help me?

this is the profile i'm fixing:

and this is the profile i saw that this is actually possible:

and here's an example for the tables:

as you can see, there aren't any borders but i guess that's because they are "display-none" but if i put the "music" image in ... let's say "sounds like" even if i've set the font color to be as the bg color it'll still be shown. but i don't want that. so is it made with a new table or is it the same "general" table?

i would very much appreciate if anyone could help me =]