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Please not the this is not a turnkey website.Fully customized website with traffic and revenue.Features unique logo and Craigslist Ad Scrapper script. Script is written in PHP with MYSQL backend and not encoded so you are free to customize it to your need or modify it to extract ads from any city on Craigslist

:Valid Google PageRank 2

Traffic: Averages 20+ uniques visitors per day,800+ unique visitors per month

Indexed pages:More then 3000+ pages already indexed in Google and growing daily.

Ads:More then 30000 ads already posted.Some ads are being scrapped off Craigslist website every 30 min.

Revenue:Revenue comes from Google Adsense banners on the left side.I had clicks valued more then at $2.00 per click.

Administration:Full administration panel to manage/edit ads. No programming knowledge required.

Sale includes:

1. Domain Name: NYGigs.net registered at Godaddy.com
2. Website:Nygigs.net
3. Full installation on your hosting account and support.

All buyers are eligible to receive discounted hosting package.Please let me know after the sale if you require a hosting account.

Looking for offer $250 and above.