Hi I have been searching google for hours and cant seem to find the codes properly. I did find a code that shows more friends. Let say you have 1235 friends it would add 2 zeros to the end of that but it only works in firefox. Now here are the things i am looking for.

1. How do I modify friends count so it shows up in Internet Explorer, firefox, and maybe even safari?

2. Now once friends looks like 125,312 friends then how do i show disable friends search over 5000 friends and also the page numbers to be all the way to 2536 or so they match with the friend count?

Here is an example go to this site:


See her count is totally fake and when you click on her view friends the pages are really high up there. Also friends search is disabled. Now if you click on her last page and go backwards they are all the same. Some how the code is duplicating to look like that many pages.

If someone can help me with this it would be great. Thanks!