Hello everyone,

Dotcom-Monitor has added a new free feature that will be absolutely useful for webmasters, web hosts and bloggers.

Do you want your site to look trustworthy and reputable? Make your up uptime statistics available to the public. Show that you respect your visitors and that you do everything to keep your server up and running.

If you are a web host and you assert that your servers have 99.999% or 100% uptime - now you have an easy way to prove it using an independent external website uptime monitoring service.

So, how it works? You enter your URL and get a piece of HTML code to add to your site. As soon as you add the code, the Dotcom-Monitor robot starts visiting your site every 30 min and check if it is up. The code generates a small button that says: Uptime: 100% (for example ) If a user clicks the button, he will get a detailed table of uptime stats and server response time.

And the last question. How much does it cost? Well, the good news for everybody. The tool is absolutely free, no hidden costs, no registration needed.

Ready to start? Go to http://dotcom-monitor.com/StampEdit.aspx and enter your URL to begin.