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    Band Profile Help - top left, default image area

    hey, not sure if someone can help out, but I've almost got a site done, thought it was done, but the code I'm using to first hide the top left info and image, then to put a div over it, isn't working in IE, works everywhere else that I can tell. but in IE it moves my div to the middle of the page... please any help would be great.... its all a hodge podge of code from all over... i was surprised I found one that worked this far as that section is tricky on band profiles.. but I wanted to get rid of that text and the crapppy small image (which even if I enlarged it would only enlarge the thumbnail not the image).... so the div worked great... so i could just link to the view more picts...



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    Re: Band Profile Help - top left, default image area

    did you solve this?
    if not post your coding.
    that way I can check it over and don't have to go to the page source and retrieve it myself.

    I'm not on much anymore,
    so please be patient myspace coders!

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