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    Php (bb) aditional table with scroll bar


    I hope i can find the answers where im looking for ou you forum
    im struggling with some PHP lines

    i run a seawaterforum and i want to ad a page for something like Tank of the month.


    this a new page where i want to show some video and pictures AND
    story of the tank it self .


    the problem is i cant get the table be fixed at height with a scroll bar in (only) the text table.

    it must be somewhere here

    I dit got it to work , but then the scollbar only shows in FireFox and not not in IE

      	<table class="tablebg" width="100%" cellspacing="{$CA_SPACING}">
    		{$CA_CAP2_START}Aquarium in the picture{$CA_CAP2_END}
    			<td class="cat" width="67%" >Het Verhaal</td>
    			<td class="cat" width="33%"  >De Video</td>
    		 <td class="row1" height="250"valign="top" overflow="auto"
    	  	 Deep in the blue <BR>
    		 Hier komt dan het verhaal over dit aquarium<BR> 
    		 Hier komt dan het verhaal over dit aquarium<BR>
    		 Hier komt dan het verhaal over dit aquarium<BR>
    Does someone got the answers im looking for ????

    Thank you
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    Re: Php (bb) aditional table with scroll bar

    It will not work in IE. This is because of the way IE implements the CSS. The overflow property does not work as you would think it would in IE (at least when applied to tables). You can try creating a span or div within the cell and see if that will work the way you need it to.

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