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    screen size compatibility

    how do i make my website compatible with any screen size or resolutions?

    some people use 15" monitors with 800x600 and some use it with 1024x768

    while others use those resolutions on 17" monitors.

    Although my website is designed for 800x600 it still looks different on every monitor whether i use tables or layer im using css.

    on some monitors i get text/graphics in different locations and somtimes the text/graphics is off the screen.

    So, how do i make it screen size friendly without having a duplicate of the site and everytime i update the main site i update all the other duplicates. That will mean double the work.

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    Generic answer for any question beginning with how do you/they ...:

    Use the "view source" ability of your browser to see how the page making you envious does it. Ignore all the <SCRIPT ...>s and pay attention to the <CENTER> and <TABLE ...> tags.

    Most of what make many pages look real nice, other than their 'gifted' graphics, is really pretty simple. Judicious use of WIDTH=..% inside nested <TABLE ...>s surrounded by <CENTER> ... </CENTER> tags is all it takes to make a page conform to any screen resolution.

    More sophistication and skill comes in to play with narrower <TABLE WIDTH=..% ...>s holding <IMG ALIGN=left BORDER=0 ... HSPACE=9 ... > along with associated text -all followed by <BR clear=all> to make it adjust itself decently for any browser.

    Actually, I design my pages for 800x600 with everything except the top URL showing the domain name for the page being viewed inside <CENTER><TABLE WIDTH=92% ...>

    and hardly ever test them in any other screen resolution.
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