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    Question Deleted image

    I hope somebody can help me. Iīll tell you what I did with steps so itīs easier to follow.

    1. I made MySpace account with a strange name and put a funny picture of me there. I didnīt change any privacy setting. That account was there few years. I just looked and Google Image search didnīt find that picture.

    2. I deleted that picture, put a new one and changed my name to real one. I think that privacy settings was still default.

    3. Later on I changed that picture and name again and put privacy settings as tight as they can be.

    4. I didnīt want to that original picture to show at Google with my real name so I changed it few times more.

    Now the questions. Is it possible that Google Image search still finds that deleted picture and somehow puts my real name with it?
    I know that MySpace keeps images at their server some time, but can Google still find them? And does it matter that I changed my privacy settings as tight as possible? And if it appears there is it possible that it can put my real name with it? What should I do now? Should I delete the whole account or just keep it with privacy settings full?

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    Re: Deleted image

    Google likes to cache all images/posts/etc they come across, and they search pretty much the entire internet.
    So you're basically out of luck on that till they decide to delete it.
    Even when you don't put that info on the internet, it's already there....
    If you really want to be anonymous, you have to contact each and every search engine and ask them to remove any data pertaining to you, and that's if they'll even do it...
    So good luck.

    I'm not on much anymore,
    so please be patient myspace coders!

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    Re: Deleted image

    That was amazing..Why do they need to delete it?

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