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Thread: Genealogy stuff

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    Genealogy stuff

    Hi! All

    I would like to have a way to do my application using
    a simple way.

    I have a genealogy site, since a long time ago. I have near 10,000 pages (10,000 names) on a free hoster. Everything works fine. But I'd like to do the conversion from my FTW (Familky tree maker) to html page ,myself. I've useVB6 (Visula Basic 6) to do the conversion of all the pages, including all the html code on each page to link to other page. Like ,click on the father's name
    or the childre's name and it load the html page of this INDIVIDUAL.

    First : I know very well VB6 , moderate in HTML , poor in Javascript.

    Second : I have 10,000 pages (One for each individual), so is there a way to only have a template page (on the server side = my hoster) and a few text file (.txt) to pick up the data. Cause there are only 40-50 string data to put on each page but a lot of html code to make a good looking page. So having a template html page that we can just add at the right place ,the data of this individual then send it would be much smaller. So instead of a lot of pages there will be only a few.

    Third : I'd like to place on the viewable page, 3 cascading "selection list". The first one will be populated with the letter from A to Z , from the HTML code. The second list would have all the name of the family , like Smith, Johnson, rimes etc , ordered. I already have a text file of those names. And the third list , will have all the first name like Daniel Steve, Leann, ordered too, and I also have this ordered text file. So in a few click , we will be able to go to another individual.

    Have try a lot of things but never been able to do it.
    I like to keep the text file for data, as it's very easy
    to change using VB6 and easy to read, too.

    As written before, it must be easy to understand.
    I don't mind giving a small donation to have it, cause I really
    try hard to do it without been able to do it working.

    HeY! This could be useful to others, too.

    Thanks at advance.

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    Re: Genealogy stuff

    ok. First, you should be able to export a GedCOM file from Family Tree Maker as that is the standard for Genealogical data storage, etc. As long as you are able to do that, my recommendation is to check out PHPGedView. It is awesome software, and will do everything you need it to do. AND it is easy to update the files and data.

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