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    Talking Directory errors

    Hello there... I'm submitting to several directories, I have done the same last year, and now I have noted something quite strange, maybe someone more expert can enlight me on the issue.

    While I'm manually submitting, after the submit click, I have noted this error :


    *Title: Title is not unique in the parent category.
    *URL: Domain already exists in the directory


    quite easy, I thought, it means that my website is already listed, so I used the directory's search feature, usually in the top bar of the page and...

    (1) it comes up that my website is not there.... so no results at all....

    (2) or in other cases it comes up that my website is already listed corectly without any trouble.

    So anyone have idea why case 1 ? why the system keep telling me that my website is listed already but no search results ?

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    Re: Directory errors

    This would have to be directed at the directory owner.
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