To avoid misunderstanding let me say first of all that internet is free and must be free forever… also I think that from now on the net must seriously auto regulate itself to avoid big problems from politic in the near future…

I’m reading and thinking a lot about the freedom and democracy on the net, here in Italy (as probably someone of you know) we got quite an issue on that when after someone in Milan breaking security punched with a souvenir our prime minister face. Immediately through Face book and others social networks tons of groups was formed pro/against the fact and pro/against who did it. Now some politician wants close groups and social networks… or similar idiocy… the debate is wide open. Beside this local issue also in the international scenarios freedom and internet are very intimately connected as you see in Iran’s daily news.

I’m also reading and thinking a lot about the endless spam, the scams, the hyip, the others illegal business that no one check till they make disasters or rob people. Freedom means that anyone should be able to post his/her own opinion but also it means responsibility… freedom is power ad with great powers comes great responsibilities.

I’m a private owner of a website… and as many serious provider also mine I guess will immediately disclose my data and details if any investigation occur. I think this is normal and correct.

After I said the above let me underline that this does not happen with social networks where anyone can register open a blog or a forum or a group without anyone knows actually who he/she is. The main strong point of social networks, their force, is the total freedom, but if not well managed can be also their genetic weakness. At the top level there is always a free email… a free email address that no one have checked (yahoo – gmail – hotmail) with a free email address anyone can do whatever wanted. Is quite obvious that more we all are going forward more internet is not a game, is serious, an email can be used for bad and for good. It will be so undemocratic that before open an email addresses ISP will ask me copy of some ID card or something to check my identity?

- Free email address should continue to be unchecked?

The spread of knowledge is all but with billions on internet users… why not to start to really teach to people how to use internet.? Will be so undemocratic that before use internet I must have some kind of internet license covering my ID and covering the fact that I know how to use several tools (like a kind of driving license)?

- There should be a kind of license to use internet?