Within the next few weeks I will be starting to conduct advertising auctions for HTML Help Central and Geek Boards. There will be a variety of ad spaces up for auction to the highest bidders.

HTML Help Central has been online for over a decade and is completely focused on helping webmasters with their various web publishing issues. If you're interested in participating in the upcoming auctions or just being informed regarding the HTML Help Central advertising opportunities, please contact me via the following page: http://www.htmlhelpcentral.com/messa...endmessage.php

Geek Boards has been online for close to 5 years. GB serves a target market mix of webmasters along with computer, science and technology enthusiasts. For details regarding the upcoming Geek Boards advertising auction, contact me through the following page: http://www.geekboards.com/forums/sendmessage.php

You can also feel free to contact me using the private messaging system here as well.