Hi there...here is the big news..... just want let you know as I'm in Italy

The Court of Milan in Italy has condemned three managers of Google accused of defamation and not respect of privacy because in 2006 they have not prevented the publication on Google of a video where four students from a technical institute insulted and beaten a guy affected by down’s syndrome.

In particular the court sentenced to six months in prison two managers and the former President of the Board of Google Italy. The three were sentenced for the head of imputation of violation of privacy but not for the head of imputation of defamation.

Just to set some schedule time… the video with the harassment to they guy affected by down’s syndrome was shot by the four students in May 2006, then loaded on Google video on 8 September, where with a huge amount of clicks it remained in the top section until 7 November.

The centre of this process was the protection of the person, the protection of privacy. The rest is a fact itself, is the first criminal case also at international level that sees charged responsible of Google for the publication of content on the web. In recent hearings the family of minor with disability had withdrawn its lawsuit against the leaders of Google.

Google has clarified that will call “against that decision which we believe to say the least surprising, since that our colleagues have had nothing to do with the video in question, since they have not turned, they have not loaded, they have not seen”.
For the spokesman of Google “if this principle is less, falls for the possibility to offer services on the Internet”.