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    Question gap/space between image

    i can't seem to remove a "gap" or space between images at this page link: (you'll notice it immediately.)


    it was edited using komposer/nvu. there were more gaps within the "multi-part" image. however,using komposer, i usually am able to get rid of 'gaps' by going to image properties and changing around the "Align Text to Image" settings. (e.g adjust to center, top, bottom, etc.)

    in this case, there is an html "form" w/in the image, above the 'gap', so i'm not sure if that is causing image to not "line up" correctly.

    any thoughts?

    alx alaska p

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    Re: gap/space between image

    Yeah I noticed the gap, I looked in the source for your page, but I couldn't resize the image without it changing the proportion, and I couldn't delete the gap as it appears to delete the whole picture/table, as you can see in the pic below. I used HTML-Kit to check the source to see if I could fix it, but I couldn't.

    I use HTML-Kit to make a lot of source code, and to edit as well, however I use a version that's older, as the new one I'm not too familiar with. LOL There's a lot of things to re-learn where they are in the new-version. Sorry, wish I could be of more help.