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    Question Frames

    Gotta quickie that I can't seem to work out.... I'm working on a 2 frame page. I'm loading a new page in frame 2 from a link in page 1. Once new frame page 2 loads, I need frame page 1 to load a new page that acts as an index for frame 2.

    Suggestions would be great and an example would be a bonus!!


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    Not to terribly difficult.

    What you want to do is not just change the right frame but the left too, in other words you want a whole new framed document to open when a menu link is clicked.

    In the menu link instead of targetting to your content frame, make it so that target="_top"

    Now simply make the linked to document an entirely new frameset, the links within this frameset that will use the same navigation frame point to the content frame, any links that require a different navigation must once again be target="_top" (example: HOME) with the needed frameset.

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