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    Smile Why you should give away a free eBook


    This is really for anyone here that is new to this exciting business.

    Whether you are promoting a product of your own, or an affiliate product, this fundamental rule is often overlooked yet extremely important to your success online.

    The rule is... "Give something of value for free, collect an email address(build a list), then sell to your list later!" Many people still make the mistake of trying to sell on the first visit. Internet users are more wary and less likely to buy from a non-trusted source and move on.

    By giving away something of value, usually an eBook or download, you are building trust and rapport with that person. Regardless of the subject matter, as long as the eBook has valuable content, you will now gain the trust of the reader as a person with knowledge on the subject matter.

    Now that you have gained their trust on the subject, you can now approach them with products or services that may be of interest on the related subject.

    By building an opt-in list, the importance of driving traffic to your website through methods such as google adwords, backlinking, etc... is diminished as you now have a targeted audience that you can contact whenever YOU like!

    For example... let's say you have a list of 2000 people (this takes less time than you may imagine!), and you promote widgets as an affiliate; you may advertise green widgets to your list and receive sales. Next week you come back to that same list and advertise blue widgets are on sale, which appeals to another percentage of the list, etc...

    Are you starting to get the picture?

    eBooks on any subject are easy to create or buy with private label rights... meaning, you become the author!

    This approach has helped me go from an affiliate that made only a few hundred bucks occasionally to earning a more consistent income online.

    Gene Mays
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