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    PHP code for selecting data from html table

    Dear All

    I would like to develop a php program. The program will like there will be several html text box in a html form. Bellow the text box there will be a simple button name ADD. After filling the text box when I press the add button all the data will be stored in tabular format bellow the ADD button. Each time I press the ADD button a new table row will be appended containing the text box data. Finally there will be a Submit Button after the table. When I press the submit button all code containing in table will be saved into the database. All this I would like to do using PHP or PHP and Javascript in combine and nothing else. Now I would like to request you all to help me to have a solution of the problem.

    Thanks to you all.

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    Re: PHP code for selecting data from html table


    The dynamic adding of data to a table could be done entirely in javascript, then use PHP as your action to retrieve posted data and append to the database.

    However, I would personally prefer to use a session, which has the ability to hold a hash. Read the hash from the session at the beginning of the script, make any changes to it, or destroy the session and submit the data, then write the hash to the session at the end of the script.