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    Unhappy Problem with Iframe and Tiles Framework

    Hi ,

    I am having a website which uses tiles framework to layout the website.
    The issue I am facing is that , I have an iframe which actually hits an external URL and does some logic, The external URL after the transaction returns the result by hitting the URL of my website.

    When the response comes back, Instead of displaying in the main page, the entire webpage is replicated inside the Iframe.

    In short, If i make an external url request in an iframe and is there any way the response can be redirected to the parent jsp instead of the iframe. The external url is a client website, so , I cannot ask them to change anything in their site, Whatever fix has to be there, I have to do in my pages itself.

    Can you please help me solve this.

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    Re: Problem with Iframe and Tiles Framework

    Unless you were to not use iframes, I can't think of anything other than to create a seperate script which just shows the response (no header, no footer etc), and get the external website to call this webpage, instead of the whole webpage (if this is possible).

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