Yeah, It's been something I have tried for years to comprehend, but it's only been recently that I'm finally getting the hang of it. Thanks to a few of my other friends, and on here, special thanks Coothead for his awesome coding ability, I was wondering where's the best place to get started learning Java in a more detailed manner?

I have tried books, they don't help us users with ADD, lol I get about 3 pages and that's about it. I do however learn much faster when I can see how code is applied to something, and how it reacts to the input it's given.

Any tips or places I can go to improve on Java? I always go to which has a lot of code for just about every language, but at the same time, it doesn't have much in the sense of explaining it, and that's what I'm trying to find. Once I know that, I'm sure it would be much easier, well, easier than it has been.

Thanks again for any tips you guys have, as they are all greatly appreciated.