You must think I am new at this, millions from a freebie site lolol.

Its not like they scammed emails and sent this to your private email. I am getting spam because I signed up with Joi Internet. Thats spam
Maybe you should read the thread again and follow the links I have provided. It would not hurt to some of your own research as well. You will find that hyperlead 1) could not find a server that would let them stay without kicking them off for spam 2) may posts by the scammers looking for "spam tolerent" hosts 3) blacklistings due to mail spam.

Your friends are bums, scammers, spammers and frauds who failed in business due to poor ethics.

Since hyperlead is gone and can no longer scam people with this name the thread can now be closed. When they come back with a different name let me know and I will expose the new business as well.

Dave Bailey