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    Configuration of IIS, DNS, Network for Intranet site

    Good day!

    I created intranet webpage and I configured it in IIS as my web server. It work by using this url: Is the 4th server where I have IIS

    I want to happen is the url should be http://intranet.dlp.cu which I created in hostheader and I used the ip address, this url has an Host A in DNS 1 but when type the url http://intranet.dlp.cu the page cannot be displayed. What configuration I need to do. We have 2 NIC, I have DNS 1 for PDC, DNS 2 for BDC.

    I read some forum that they do is the DNS 1 is for external used which is for Internet and the DNS 2 is for Internal which is for Intranet. But my problem is DNS 2 is for back up, if the internet was down in DNS 1, DNS 2 would be used for internet.

    I really donít know what I need to do to work my intranet site. By the way I used ISA/ISP, modem, proxy/gateway for internet.

    Is it the configuration is in DNS/Networking and IIS?How?

    I search but I can't find any same solution in my problem.

    Thank you
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