I found very useful seo tips, i'm sharing it with you

1 - Find online forums related to your site and become part of the community (along with a suitable signature that links to your site).

2 - Add comments to blogs with a link to related content on your Website.

3 - Submit on-topic articles to article directories and include your link in the author bio.

4 - Submit your link to the many free online directory sites.

5 - Add your comments to a guestbook and include your url.

6 - Email the webmaster of a related site and ask to trade links.

7 - Offer to provide some content for another site in return for a link back.

8 - If you have an eBay account, create an ?about me? page and include a link to your Website.

9 - Program a useful tool or script that Webmasters will happily add to their sites.

10 - Create compelling and perhaps even controversial content on your Website that people will want to link to.