I'm developing a server using CGI-perl. I'm a linux user. I made a CGI page nd i'm calling a perl script as a response to submit. I'm performing various tasks with in tat perl file using system() command, like given below

$cmd="perl abc.pl <input file>";

When i tried to run a 3rd party software executable command (svm_classify) like this

$cmd="svm_classify <testfile> <modelfile> <outputfile>";

the output file is not getting generated. but it says no error also.
the code works fine BUT NOT WORKING WHEN I RUN FROM A SERVER(localhost)
I tried to run that part alone as a perl script nd its working fine.
I tried to run that part from command line nd its working fine.

PLSSSSSSSS help me out!!!!!!!!!!

thanx a lot,
K. Sivarajan.