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    Question Any know this...

    I need help to do the following:

    OK - I want to implement a document that will allow me to calculate my electricity bill.

    I want it to supply two input areas allowing the original and new reading to be entered. When the Calculate button is pressed it should make sure that there are numeric values in each field and that the value in the second field is greater than the value in the first field. If there are any problems I want to be informed via an alert dialog. When the inputs are shown to be acceptable the bill should be calculated and presented as a service charge of 15.00 plus 0.10 per unit.

    I already tried to do this but I can really do with some help...thanx in advance

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    You can do this two ways. With server side scripting (php, asp etc) or with JavaScript.

    I would start with JavaScript.

    Heres a link to the JS manual for the Math object -


    This is if you have a ground knowledge of javascript already. If you are a beginner at javascript, then start here -


    Post it when you are done, we would be interested to see your results.

    And of course, post any questions you may hev along the way. Good luck!
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