I am looking to update and improve our current website, and one of the items the director would like to include is the use of a members area where staff will be able to access certain items i.e. jobs in their area, unform ordering etc. The main one I am struggling with however is enabling staff to access their own rota, as we use a web based rostering program to place staff within shifts, the website we use can have a staff user created showing just their rota for the past, present and future but this does require a secure login consisting of username, password and a member id unique to the company (this is seperate to the companies website members area). We would be wanting staff members to 'think' they are still on the companies website and have it automatically log in to their own rota. I originally thought about using iFrames to allow for this however came to a snag when trying to code a secure way of automatically log staff members in. If anyone could offer any solution to this it would be greatly appreciated, sorry if this makes no sense but I have been up most of the night trying to find a solution and I'm getting very tired now. If you would like to know anyother details please contact me.

Thanks Dan