hello everybody, I need help about above code, I need to change the result to opening a url page. This script results in a value and I need the result to be open a url page. Can anyone help me??

<SCRIPT language="Javascript">
nome = new Array(4);
nome[0] = new Array(4);
nome[1] = new Array(4);
nome[2] = new Array(4);
nome[3] = new Array(4);
nome[0][0]="1500"; nome[0][1]="1250"; nome[0][2]="1300";
nome[1][0]="800"; nome[1][1]="850"; nome[1][2]="900";
nome[2][0]="500"; nome[2][1]="520"; nome[2][2]="540";
nome[3][0]="400"; nome[3][1]="356"; nome[3][2]="234";
function affi() {

<form name="form" class="texto" >
Choose the article :&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<select name="liste">
<option>base corporal
Choose the size:
<select name="taille">
<option>T. Small
<option>T. M&eacute;dium
<option>T. Large
<input type="button" value="Obter pre&ccedil;o" onClick="affi(this.form)" name="button">
<input type="TEXT" name="txt">

Thank's in advance