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    How to promote an unusual website?

    Hello everybody!

    As a part of our university project we created an experimental web site: www.zoomarium.com

    (This is not a commercial project at all!)

    It is a kind of hybrid between Google Maps and web community of images.

    Like Google Maps it has just one mane page which is draggable and zoomable. But instead of the world map it contains a mosaic of images which can be added by users of the web community (anyone can join).

    For example check the following link:


    You can drag the content with the mouse and zoom-in/out with mouse wheel or left/right buttons.

    Anyone can register in the community and add his/her images at any place (but not on top of other user pictures).

    See also other examples here:




    It seems interesting to us, but we found it uneasy to get others involved!

    Majority of the people whom we showed it, even couldn't understand how to view the content (to say nothing of adding their own).

    But we believe this website could be of a great interest, especially for designers, artists and photographers. They may create collages of photos and drawings, where some photos can be of large zoom while others of small. (All the photos still can have very high resolution).

    Unfortunately we have no experience at all in site promotion.

    Please advice: what are the best things to do?

    (We would also be very happy to receive any comments on the website).

    Thanks in advance,
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    Re: How to promote an unusual website?


    what you need is Traffic. You can have the best Website but when no Traffic comes on it, it dont work.
    So search for Webtraffic sellers. I can give you a tipp, http://sociotraffic.com/

    Thatīs it.

    Hope that helps

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    If you want targeted traffic i dont suggest traffic exchanges, you should pay a little fee for some facebook, or google adwords traffic, at least it would be targeted traffic, you can control what type of visitors your getting that way.

    Mine is somewhat unusual as well.
    Still in Pre-Launch, just starting it
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