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    Hello everyone!

    I am Cerveaux! Its French for brains! What brought me here was about every damn question I google searched lead me here. I like walks on the beach, walks on sidewalks, moving escalators. I like walking to walkways.

    I also dress up in a robot and hug people. I am currently using a website to promote myself as an artist. Said website is http://www.garbageartdumpsterbabies.com

    You'll be able to find my stuff there. What I'm having trouble with and what brought me here is CSS. The last time I put effort into a website was 1998 and things have changed. I don't understand when to use css and when to use html. I don't understand the point of having a separate css file when I can just put css script into my html document. I don't really understand the rules to css.

    I don't want my hand held. I'm hoping to find tutorials on here so that I can build a good foundation first.

    I'm sure I'll see you guys around. Take care all!

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    Re: Hiyo!

    Welcome to this forum..

    and very nice to meet you!